Feel free to download and print these information fact sheets for sustainable gardening.

For more information on sustainable living please visit the Camden Council Website.

And for a factsheet of our Garden Product Information please click here.

Composting – build a compost heap and turn your garden waste into valuable compost.

Wormfarming – save your food scraps from landfill by converting it into fertiliser using a worm farm.

Mulching – use mulch to improve your soil, keep them moist and to prevent the growth of weeds.

No Dig Vegetable Gardening – grow your own fresh food easily in your backyard – without digging!

Drip Irrigation – install drip irrigation as an efficient way to water your plants.

Are These Weeds in your Backyard? – learn to recognise common weeds and prevent them spreading elsewhere.

Water Harvesting – collect the rain on your roof with a rainwater tank to use on the garden.

Greywater Reuse – greywater from the laundry can be reused to flush toilets or on your gardens.

Reuse – reduce waste by using old and unwanted household items to create something new!

Wildlife and your Backyard – create and maintain a garden to attract native birds and animals.

Creating a Native Garden – native gardens need less water, use little fertiliser and are easy to maintain.

Solar Energy – consider using renewable energy from the sun to power your home.